Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fun on the Slopes of Alta

We took Anna skiing for the first time today. We went up to Alta with our friends Steve and Shilo and their little boy Weston. He is 2 weeks younger than Anna and they play great together. Steve and Shaun skiied with Anna and Weston on their backs.

Family picture looking out at Timpanogos.

Shaun and Anna enjoying some quality time together.

My two favorite people.

This is definitely Shaun's idea of quality family time... He's probably trying to figure out how to get us all on down hill bikes for some quality family time during the summer season!

We lounged around by the car for lunch, we grabbed Subway on the way up. Anna was already feeling a little tired.

After lunch we took one last run. Anna was done by that time and fell asleep on the lift. We tried to wake her; but, she was out cold.

Z z Z z Z z Z z Z z

We had a great time and Anna loved it. Every time Shaun would stop she would immediately say more and want to take off again.