Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lava Hot Springs

For Valentines weekend we went up to Lava Hot Springs with the Trost's and Christiansens, courtesy of the Trost's. It was so much fun, a little chaotic with 5 kids all under the same roof, but they too had a great time. We spent Saturday afternoon swimming at the local pool. All the kids were little fish. They had the water wings on and couldn't be stopped. They would swim to the stairs, climb out and jump off the edge. No fear!!
Mylee, Anna & Brooklyn were so excited to be going on a vacation to Idaho together
We had valentines dinner at a pizza place named Royal's
It was snowing like crazy when we finished dinner. The flakes were huge and the kids had a great time playing in it.
After dinner we hit up the Hot Springs. I wish we had some close around here, they were so nice and relaxing to sit in.
We stayed up late (3:45 am) playing games and having a good time. Of course whoever lost the game had to do something nasty.

Jesse lost 2 of the 4 games played. He had to eat a super super spicy almond the first time and the second time he had to eat the rest of the frosting in the container. There was about 2/3 left of the container. I lost one game and had to drink a mixture of energy drink, syrup and 2 junior mints, I ended up dry heaving. Shaun had to drink baby formula.

While we were playing games the girls decided to play "stickers". They found a whole bunch of them in the bathroom.

Kevin joined the girls with their game of stickers.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dance Class

Last week I signed Anna up for dance class. This was our second week going and I am really happy with how much she is participating. I was thinking she would want to go home the whole time. Not the case...although she knows she gets Skittles when class is over so she has to be there until the end. I also bribe her with treats if she does what the teacher asks.

Anna and Brooklyn showing us what they learned

They get to dance with different things. She loves when they get to dance with the teddy bears and put them on her head.

Being silly

Class is over and the girls are showing us that they can go upside down.

Home from dance and had a great time

It is so much fun to watch her each week. She loves it so far and talks about going to dance class. She loved her ballet shoes and outfit, I was thinking I would have to hold her down to put it on. She does not like to dress up in anything but normal clothes. I have a box of dress-ups that she won't even touch. Stinker!!