Sunday, June 5, 2011

All I want for Christmas... my two front teeth.
And she still has them!! 
After dinner one evening Anna went out and hopped on her bike. She is a great rider and got a little too confident. While doing little circles in the driveway at the neighbors, she fell right on her face.  She came home crying and I ran out and saw her mouth was full of blood. I asked her if her teeth were there and she said they were. I took her inside and set her at the kitchen sink. Shaun looked in and didn't see her teeth. They were pushed all the way back and her roots were showing. Shaun grabbed her and the keys and ran to the car. He was out there honking, but not really knowing where he was going. I ran out there and got in the car, so he wouldn't just leave me. But we got around the block and I made him pull over so we could call the dentist. I didn't have any of the numbers with me, so I had to google everything, taking lot's more time than if we'd just stayed home and gotten a hold of someone. Shaun is a little bit drama...but he loves his little gal. Finally, after 45 mins we got a dentist to meet us. On our way in to his office I noticed that Shaun didn't have any shoes on. He was in such a hurry to get out of there that he just went in his socks. Like I said....drama!! He told us they were going to have to come out, but Shaun asked him to try to put them back in and we could see what happened over time.

 Neighbors and family were so nice to Anna when they heard of her traumatic experience. She got flowers, balloons, ice cream, toys etc...
She had a nice fat lip and some scrapes, but she still has her front teeth. They turned a little gray for a bit, but they have since gone back to white. Also, when the dentist pushed them in, one was a little in front of the other and a little lower. They have also gone back to straight. The dentist was surprised at how great they looked when we took her back in for her check up.